Gao Ren Ramen Noodles

These are ramen styled noodles of various flavours sold under the brand "Gao Ren Ramen" and manufactured by Yang Zhanggui Food Technology (Henan) Co., Ltd. They have a nice website that doesn't really work very well.

They sell a lot of noodle products, some of which feature a kangaroo on the packaging, and are located in Mengzhou, Henan.

These were AUD$2.00 each so I got one of each that they had.


These were fantastic.
They each tasted pretty similar but also roughly how they were described.
The quantities were enormous.
The noodles were decent quality. The " Hong Kong-Style" noodles came with vermicelli.
The egg it came with had a large yolk.
These were great value.

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