Gourmet Alley Flax Seed Flatfish Noodles

These are a type of noodles that are inspired by traditional methods purported to have medicianl qualities.
They are flax seed flatfish soup noodles.

They are made in Hong Kong and sold under the brand Gourmet Alley.
They also have a Facebook page.

The backside of the pack contains a lot of information.

I got these for about AUD$3.00


These are sold as heath noodles.
They came with a pair of chopsticks which isn't as common as you'd think.
I did not particularly like the taste of the flaxseed noodles.
The broth had a fishy smell that you had to focus to eat.
The powder was actually made of real fish and shrimp (which is a plus).
Considering how many servings of noodles it came it, it was good value.

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