Haohuanluo Liuzhou Snail Rice Noodle

Hauhau Liuzhou Snail Rice Noodle are a variety of noodles which has a lot of interesting folk lore.
Although I'm not 100% certain that this pack contains real snail broth, the main sauce in this type of noodle is boiled down river snails and another type of optional meat.
This packet only advertises as containing river snail.
These noodles are made by a "Liuzhou Dehua Food Co., Ltd" under a brand called haohuanluo, based in Liuzhou Guangxi.
These noodles are said to have a strong smell and are often dubbed as "the durian of noodles".
They were AUD$3.00 from my local Asian grocer.


These noodles were very good.
It had a chilli taste that complimented the broth very well.
The pickled vegetables and bamboo shoots coupled with the vinegar added a tangy element to the dish.
The peanuts and yuba (which i added at the end) gave it a satisfying crunch.
I could not detect any snail meat but there was definitely an unusual taste which i could not determine that I suspect was the snails broth.
Although these noodles have a distinct smell, it was definitely not unpleasant.

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