LiHaiLong Mild Spicy Hotpot

These noodles are sold under the "Li Hai Long" brand which is a physical malatang franchise in China which boasts more than 500 stores.

These are the second noodles I have reviewed that are based on a store’s branding.

These are made by a company called "Liaoning Xuanhao Food Co., Ltd." food co in Shenyang city.
These seem to be heavily promoted on social media.
I got these for about AUD$5.00


These had a lot of stuff in them.
The spiciness was mild (as described) and enjoyable.
Some of the noodles where green which was due to the spinach powder mixed it.
The broth had a strong sesame taste which i generally enjoy.
There was no meat or seafood in this dish.

Overall, it resembled a malatang bowl, and was good value.

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