Liuquan Liuzhou snail rice noodle

These are a type of river snail noodle sold under the brand "Liu Quan" which is manufactured by "Guangxi Quanhui Food Co Ltd".

They don’t have a website but have a pretty cool (but motion sickness inducing) drone and camera footage of their factory and headquarters.
Their details and products are also listed in a business directory. They are located near Liuzhou city.

I got these noodles for AUD$2.50


These had the typical river snail noodle taste and texture.
The soup bag also had a noticeable quantity of snail flesh which was not present in the other snail noodles I had tried. They were chewy.

Perhaps because of this, I found a sharp piece of shell (see image in gallery). I did not continue eating the noodles due to paranoia.

These noodles were average spice and pretty good value for $AUD2.50

The Spice-O-meter


The Value-O-meter