Maluji Konjac Cold Skin Noodles

These are a low calorie konjac based noodles meant to be eaten cold. These are sold under the brand "Maluja".

This brand is run by a celebrity businessman with a complicated personal life. Food safety concerns have been raised about the accuracy of the ingredients. They also have a chain of physical noodle stores. There "Hot and sour" noodles have been a sell-out hit.

There are two manufacturers listed on the packaging. One is mxyfood in Sichuan (which seems to specialise in konjac) and another called "Sichuan Wan Gaoda Wei Foods Co.,Ltd." also located in Sichuan.

I go these for about AUD$2.00.


The Konjac noodles were gelatinous (as expected) and lacked any real taste.
It was medium spiced and contained bean sprouts and sesame seeds.
It also contained a brown vinegar packet which helped balance the taste.
Overall, not much to say. They were OK.

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