Nissin Raoh Tantanmen Noodles

These are Tantanmen flavoured noodled made by Nissin designated as "Nissin Raoh" which means "king of ramen". Nissin is a well-known brand being the company that first commercialised instant noodles. Nissin makes a lot of varieties of this with many different types of packaging. I can’t find these on their website.

Tantanmen (or Tantan ramen ) is a adaption of the Chinese noodle dish dan dan mian.

According to the import label these are made in Japan. The packing lists this as the Manufacturers address which appears to be the main office. It is surprisingly dingy for what is likely the most popular instant noodle brand in the world.

I got these for AUD$4.00, marked down from AU$D12.00


These were fine.
The wheat noodles were good quality (Nissin noodles usually are).
The flavour, like most Japanese food, was lacking.
These are not worth the original AUD$12.00.

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