Shoo Loong Kan Golden Beef Vermicelli

These are a cup noodles sold under the brand "shoo loong kan" which is a popular hotpot restaurant in China and around the world.
They even have one in Sydney which I have unknowingly passed many times. This brand is sometimes transliterated as "xiao long kan".

A search of the SC number shows that these exact noodles are sold under many different brands. They are all made by "Henan Yongchang Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd." located in Xinxiang city, Henan.
They have a nice website with pictures of their factory.

I got these for about AUD$3.50


These noodles were pretty good.
I like the texture of glass noodles.
The peanuts remained crunchy and were coated in a spicy powder.
The spice level was medium high and at times overpowered the dish.
The sauce turned gelatinous towards the end.
There was an undercurrent of sweetness throughout

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