Suimin Curried Prawn Noodles

These are a "Curried Prawn" noodle sold by Suimin, which somewhat dubiously claims to be inspired by "the taste of the orient".
The bright red and yellow packaging is meant to conjure up images of the mystical east and reminds me of the colour scheme of the Miss Saigon musical.

This is an Australian run company, and they are very popular in the country.
Here is an interview Ramen Rater did with them. The packaging states that these are made in Thailand.

I got these for half price at my local supermarket for AUD$0.92


The packaging for on the cup is all in English which is usually a sign that it's made for western palates.
There is nothing wrong with this, noodles are very versatile, but it likely means it will have a very mild taste.
These contained dried shrimp, carrot and shallots.
The wheat noodles were pretty average but acceptable.
The curry was not particularly strong and strongly reminded me of cheap curry powder.
It was fairly bland overall, but inoffensive which I think is the point.

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