Vedan Wei Wei Premium Beef Noodles

These are beef noodles made by the Taiwanese company Vedan. They make an assortment of products like MSG, bottled water, health teas. These are sold under their Wei Wei Premium brand.

These guys might have the best instant noodle advertisements I’ve seen. This one in particular is a work of art.

These are manufactured in Taiwan but the labelling states that it was made from "18% Australian ingredients" which I suspect is either the beef or wheat.

This pack had three serving and I paid AUD$6.00 for it.


These are very good noodles.
The size was very satisfying.
The broth is rich and tasty but not overpowering.
The beef pieces were large and actually tasted like beef.
The wheat noodles although decent, were not what is usually put in a premium product.

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