Xiao Du Liangpin Peppercorn Noodles

These are peppercorn flavoured noodles from Taiwan. These are sold under the brand "Xiao Du Liangpin" which has the slogan "Produced in Taiwan, it is a good product".

At first the province of these noodles was perplexing but they seem to be the personal brand of a Hong Kong celebrity Chapman To who some articles also refer to as Du Wenze.

Apparently, he was in the movie Infernal Affairs but I don’t remember him. I like the packaging of these noodles. Here is a video of him cooking his noodles which contains video of the manufacturing process.

I got these for about AUD$6.00


For what can be easily dismissed as gimmicky noodles these are actually pretty good.
The quality of the wheat noodles was better than most in the price range
The sachet portion was sufficient and had the right balance of peppercorn.

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