Yue Xiaozhu Vietnamese style Beef Ball Noodles

"Yue Xiaozhu Vietnamese style Beef Ball Noodles" are pho style noodles made by a are sold under the brand "yuexiaozhu".
As far as i can tell they do not have a web presence at all other then third party pages.
These seem to be manufactured by a group called "Sichuan Changxiang Food Co., Ltd. " in Chengdu city.

I liked the artwork on the noodle packaging. These come in a few varieties but are all sold as pho with Vietnamese language branding prominently displayed.

I go these for AUD$2.50 at an Asian grocer which had two varieties.


These noodles were fantastic and amazing value.
These included three beef balls which seemed like reasonable quality.
The noodles were good but unrerkable.
There is a lemon taste coming from one the packets and it even included a dried slice lemon which complimented the seafood flavour.
The dried herbs expanded out well and when hydrated and were in large quantity with a pronounced flavour.

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