Yue Xiaozhu Vietnamese style Chicken Pho Noodles

"Yue Xiaozhu Vietnamese style Chicken Pho Noodles" are pho style noodles made by a are sold under the brand "yuexiaozhu".
As far as i can tell they do not have a web presence at all other then third party pages.
These seem to be manufactured by a group called "Sichuan Changxiang Food Co., Ltd. " in Chengdu city.

These come in a few varieties but are all sold as pho with Vietnamese language branding prominently displayed.
I have reviewed three so far.

I go these for AUD$2.50.


These noodles are very good
These included diced chicken pieced from the fatty part of the bird
It reminded me of chicken soup a bit.
The noodles were good but remarkable.
I made this more soupy then usual which was the right choice
The dried herbs expanded out well and when hydrated and were in large quantity with a pronounced flavour.

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