Yumei Tofu Pudding Noodle

These are spicy noodles that come with a cup of tofu. They are made by a company called "Sichuan Yumei Food LTD" which do not list the product (or any packaged noodles) on their website. These noodles are made in Sichuan.

I can't actually find any reference to these noodles on the Chinese internet.

I got these for about AUD$3.00.


The obvious novelty around these noodles is the cup of tofu which requires heating in a microwave for two minutes.
The Tofu was fine and soaked in the taste of the broth well.
The seasoning was pretty standard and unremarkable and the dried vegetables came with chilli flakes.
The wheat noodles were decent and better quality then what you would typically fine.

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