Yun Pinxian Crossing The Bridge Noodles

These are a "Sour Soup Vermicelli" type noodle.
They are made by a company called "Sichuan Yumei Food LLC" which do not list the product (or any packaged noodles) on any of their websites.

Their main business seems to be selling dried and packaged vegetables and condiments.These noodles are made in Sichuan.

There was scant reference to these on the internet.

I got these for about AUD$3.00.


These noodles were pretty bland.
They contained a pack of bamboo shoots which more of less tasted like nothing.
There was a medium level of spice.
The sourness was present but in the background.
The dried chickpeas did not hydrate well and were still crunchy.
The noodles were as advertised.

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