Aisuo Luosifen River Snail Rice Noodles

These are river snail noodles sold under the brand "Aisuo". These seem to be manufactured by haohuanluo who make many varieties of Luosifen . Some of which i have tried.

They are all made in the same place in based in Liuzhou Guangxi.

I like the packaging these noodles come in. All the text is in English, which hints that they have an export market in mind. The graphics try to emphasise the seafood nature of river snails.

I got this packet for AUD$2.00


I am unsure about the instant nature of these noodles.
I purchased two packets, one I cooked on a stovetop (pictured below) and the other was cooked as described in the instructions.
The stovetop method was far superior.
These otherwise tasted like all the river snail noodles I have tried.

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